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tv   News  ABC  November 2, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the deep south that will be a coastal rainmaker by thursday. this morning, look at the numbers, laurel 31. and 25 in ellicott city. 26 in westminster and hereford zone through bel air and elkton and there's the freezing area. and centreville 36. it's mainly frost. you will scrape it off the windshield and may be touching it on the rail going down the steps. otherwise we are looking for a dry day. sunny to partly cloddy with a of noon two degree guaranteed high of 52. let's see what's happening on the road with kim brown. >> reporter: no traffic problems through baltimore county and baltimore city. harford and howard counties look good. anne arundel county 97 at route 100, traffic is good in both direction. route 50, all lanes open east and westbound. looking at our maps, and the baltimore metro, no accidents or incidents and no delays, but a heads up in frederick county out in union bridge at liberty road
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closed in both direction at new windor road. now back to you. >> it's 5:30. all politics is local. we will go local in a moment. but we want to start with the broader look at what this day means. abc2 news emily schmidt with how the country could be reshaped later tonight. >> have you made up your mind about who you are supporting. >> reporter: in 472 races across the country that will determine who controls the house and senate, candidates midterm appeals are last-minute pleas. >> it would be an honor if you cast a vote for me. >> you better voted for kendrick meek for united states senator. >> we need you to get fired up. we don't have more time. >> reporter: first laddie michelle obama rallied democrats last night while president obama focused on radio interviews from the white house. >> i want to make sure that all you listeners understand the importance of the election. >> here we come, ohio. >> look out. >> reporter: house minority leader hopes control of his
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chamber changes. in the nevada, harry reid is trailing in the polls. >> you know i am not finished fighting. >> i am not a career politician, and i think that's what america wants and needs. >> reporter: reid's opponent comes with a tea party backing that's shaken up so many races. >> when they can't attack you on substance, they try to call you names. >> reporter: a group that tracks campaign ads says this election cycle ended 700,000 plight cat ads is the most negative on record with both parties equally negative. wig money in the campaigns continues to fuel a massive number of political row bow calls. so many that phone companies in new england reported jammed lines yesterday. emily schmidt, abc news washington. >> let's get to our own issues. you are going to have to bray
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grocery list sheet to vote so many race and it starts at top with the governor's race. abc2 news megan pringle is live at loch raven high school where the polls open in less than 87 minutes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are live outside loch raven high school. and whether you cast your ballot here or go to another precinct, you have a lot of decisions to make. all eight maryland house members rup for reelection and we have seen all the ads and all the signs, but probably the biggest things driving you to the polls today is the governor's race. the rematch of 2006 ehrlich versus o'malley. now here's situation today. ehrlich will be voting near his house in the annapolis area. as for o'malley, teak advantage of early voting. but yesterday, it was date they spent the day bustling around the state trying to reach the undecideds. >> kind of worked our way from the rural areas more rural areas to the extent anything is rural anymore in maryland, but look, we need everybody to turn out
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everywhere. there should be a big turnout. we have been sending our sons and daughters to iraq and afghanistan for seven, eight, nine years in the fight for those nations to be able to determine their future and we can determine ours by turning out to vote. >> martin o'malley and bob ehrlich why different views and i -- have very different views and the campaign how it unfolded, the fact we were very substive and he went neglect if i have -- substive and he went negative i don't believe with this time with high unemployment and people look for jobs that uniformally negative campaign is going to work. he think that's the take away from the campaign. >> reporter: now jamie, you joked about having a grocery list and it's true. we have gotten harris kratovil and here in baltimore county, county executive is another thing to make a decision on. so the polls open at 7:00 and
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close at 8 p.m. and to give you an idea about the undecided, it's early in the morning and no one is out here. but i was in the live truck and saw a car pull up and thought it was a poll worker and it was somebody puking up signs at the very last-minute. so it depend on how you vote and, of course, we will be monitoring that. in the meantime, back to you in the studio. we are out here live in baltimore county. >> it's 5:35. and the polls open at 7. do you predict you will see a line before 7:00 this morning at loch raven high school in. >> reporter: you know, i do. i think a lot of people are going to be voting. but then again, early voting a. lot of people took advantage of that which was surprising because you probably remember in the primary no one showed up at the polls. but i think, the race for governor and so much going on politically i think it's going drive a lot of people to the polls and we will be out here and see if i am right about that line. >> we hope you are right. we want to see a line. >> we do. >> you want to see a line. >> all right, we will talk to you in aly bit. 85 minute until the polls open and stay with abc2 news on air
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and online throughout morning. we will have live team coverage of the big races around baltimore and throughout the state. and, of course, remember abc2 news is your source for democracy 2010. we will have up-to-the-minute results for the local and state races. you can read up on the candidates get the election news voter information all the useful links you need on the home page right now. it's open at click on the news and then the political tab. all right, one minute they were twork get repairs done and the next they were scrambling to save their lives. what sent several construction work tortes hospital with severe burns. plus -- workers to the hospital with severe burns. how we can make it through a huge mole hole in our pocket and plug it up later on today.
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now being maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> hi, good morning, 5:39. we have the freeze warning for a good chunk of maryland. most of the eastern shore, including up through cecil
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harford county and howard and carroll and westbound. anne arundel county, pg county the district of columbia. st. mary and on the eastern shore near ocean city. three my geography lesson. let's talk about the numbers. ocean city 38. we have 35 here in town. and hagerstown 30 and the chill 28 back towards oakland, maryland. it's frosty this morning. take sometime to scrape it off the windshield. we will go to 52 with a mix of cloud this afternoon. here kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks, justin. we are off to a very good start traffic wise this morning. as we look here at the cameras this the harrisburg expressway. pretty much you will find all lanes open between the pennsylvania state line make are way towards 695 as we check our maps week don't have any accidents around the immediate baltimore metro area. but out in frederick county, route 26 at route 31 that's liberty road at new windsor road remains closed in both directions because of a serious crash. stay with us, we have more of your live local election
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coverage plus news and traffic when "good morning, maryland" returns after this.
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and seats rup in the senate and the house and this is a very important mid-term election. how important? let's bring in sandra endough live in washington -- endo live from washington what is the race we will be watching. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's so many. this is a exciting day. quickly, at stake the balance of power in congress and here you have the house the republicans need 39 seats to win control there for the senate, 10 is the magic number. so that's certainly what we are looking for. key races, you mentioned, in the u.s. senate. you have in west virginia democratic governor going up against republican john who tha is one to watch. former new york city mayor giuliani will be campaigning there for him today and as well as another race in delaware of course, you have a very exciting race there. chris coons against christine o'donnell. they have been very fun to watch. the whole race and also in the
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nevada a. very key race senate majority leader harry reid re- - face reg pub can challenger sharon angle and he is fighting for his political life there. jamie. >> take me into your newsroom. there's watch this race. is there any race that could just jump up and bite us and say oh, what a surprise this is? >> reporter: well, there's so many out there, you have a lot of house seats that we haven't really broken down for you. but keep in mind the mood of voters going into this whole thing. we have a poll right here showing that the ecomony is the number one priority for so many people as they head to the polls today, jammy. you have other key issues like education, health care immigration and that has been such hot topics. they are only polling at 8% across the board. further down the list, ecomony remains issue number one for voters. >> wow. we will check in with you between our 6 and 7:00 hour. sandra endo reporting live. and the race with us all the
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way to the polls here two of the biggest heavy weights in politics today. are in a rematch. governor o'malley and republican former governor ehrlich that will make the last campaign stops today. ehrlich will be gathering with supporters later tonight at the timonium fair ground and governor o'malley will be at american visionary arts museum later on -- visionariy arts museum later on tonight in baltimore. we will watch the polls in cape st. clair. also in annapolis as question a comes to the surface. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live where you can vote on slots or no slots not at the arubbedel mills -- arundel mills mall or will there be? >> reporter: that's right. we are live in glen bernie at north count -- glen bernie at north county high school. this is one of the polling place and anne arundel county voters has big decision to make on question a talking about those slot machines. now anne arundel county voters are considering a ballot question that will determine whether the baltimore base
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cordish company can develop a billion dollars slots parlor and entertainment complex at arundel mills mall. the maryland jockey club says the bowie training center would close and laurel park would stop racing if a proposal to build a casino at ann a-- arundel mills mall is approve. some surveys have shown strong support for the mall plan in the area around laurel park. now if the referendum passes, it would allow the casino to be built near the mall. if the question fails, the path for county slots will be less clear. again, some big decisions by voters today. so they are hoping for a good turnout about question a. reporting live in glen burnie, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we are a hour and 13 minutes away from the polls open and the tea party factor playing a huge role in nevadaa. harry reid fighting to hold onto his seat as rad's opponent
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sharon angle keeps reminding voters the nevada ecomony is in terrible shape. highest unemployment rate in the entire country. >> in term of various opponents you've had how does sharon angle stack up? >> well, really, honestly, but for the ecomony there won't be a contest. >> in adoition angle, tea party senate candidates in four other states are closing out the campaign with pretty good chances of winning. it's 5:48. here information to need when you head to the polls today. again, polls open at 7. close at 8 and your children are permitted inside the voting booth. voters may bring newspapers, or other printed material inside as well. you do not need to have your voter id card with you in order to vote. but you better bring some form of identification to the poll in case you are requested by an election judge. and stay with abc2 news on air and online. team coverage on the big race all around baltimore and throughout the state of maryland.
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and remember, abc2 news is your source for democracy 2010. we will have up-to-the-minute results for the local and state race and read up on the candidates and get election news and voter information and all the useful links on home page there at and click on news and political tab. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> election day 2010. we are looking a a dry morning with frost and freezing conditions across the area. let's check out the almanac and as we take a look what we expect here in baltimore on this election day. the second of november. normal low 38 degrees typical high 61. record split in 29 back in 1976. we are close in some spots but not record territory in the baltimore area. although we may approach a record low heading in through tonight and tomorrow morning. rise at 7:35 and it will be a little shiny in spots with the frost down at 6:05.
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here's what we are watching across the area. general lay clear start across most of the mid atlantic with high cloud to the west. this is in advance of a developing storm system. but what we will continue to watch is the old storm pushing out across the canadian maritimes and atlantic high pressure towards the north and because it's towards the north that's the source of the air that pulls down the chill from the north. and high pressure will dominate the region for the next two days and trying to protect us from this developing storm as we shift our focus on down towards the south. and being see we have got ourselves a look at some weather down there and rain across the deep south. could be pretty heavy and in fact, places from texas to louisiana could get a couple inches rain today and that's the storm that will turn up the east coast for us by thursday. for today, though, mostly sunny skies. some afternoon clouds. and it could dim out sun for our two degree guaranteed high. 52. that's 9 degrees below normal but we stay dry. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy skies. depending on how the week can
5:51 am
hold off the clouds we could slip back into the deep freeze at 29 setting the stage for this outlook here. a partly sunny day on wednesday with a high of only 53. the overnight temperatures to 42 with developing rain but the real rain could be heavy at times with a developing coastal storm on thursday. 56 and gusty winds. snow mixed in the mountain as this comes to an end. thursday night, friday scattered shower at 55. only 46 to start off the weekend on saturday. we are back in the 50s by sunday. >> reporter: i have more information about this accident out in union ridge that has liberty road closed in both directions at new windor road. an accident involving a milk tanker and passenger vehicle and they have requested a medivac rescue so you might want to avoid the area for sometime. looking around the immediate baltimore metro here on the harrisburg expressway traffic moves well on the southbound sigh. no problems northbound either. looking at our maps, we have a disabled vehicle 95 southbound at keith avenue blocking the right lane and shoulder.
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an accident reported 95 southbound further down at route 198 in laurel a vehicle ran off the road into the wood. expect the right lane to be blocked there as well. stay with us, because we have more of "good morning maryland" coming back after this quick break. [ female announcer ] all you need for sensitive skin. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. and has powerful stainlifters to help get your whole wash clean. it's all good.
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polls open in an hour and five minutes. we are up here at a:55 and around -- 5:55 and around the nation several people were injured after a water pipe explosion in salt lake city. the injured were construction work-side a underground tunnel do doing utility work and authorities say watter to the pipe has been shut off for weeks, but somehow it was activated and 350 degree water and steam just rushed through the work site. still in utah, the man accused of kidnapping and raping and marrying a young girl what first day in court. jury selection stared for brian david mitchel accused of kidnapping and raping elizabeth smart in 2002 and mitchell was thrown out of the courtroom yesterday when he began to sing hymns and praying. and facebook is having even more privacy problems. facebook said in a blog post that several app developers sold
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user information to data brokers. and as a result, some apps were sending users facebook id numbers to third data firms. facebook didn't name the developers but said there are about a dozen of them mostly smaller developers no private information was sold. hey, listen, it's november which means the holidays are just around the corner. and the potential to spend big is on a lot of your minds according to a consumer report survey, last holiday you spent about 16% more than you planned to. and some of you are still dealing with the holiday debt. sports, it's part of a kid play at school. supposed to keep them healthy right in this morning we will look at the school sporting events that kids are more likely to be injured playing whether it's practice or the big game. and whooping cough is a highly contagious disease. it affects the respiratory system and can be deadly. coming up, we will tell you what the cdc recommends to prevent the disease from spreading.
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now good morning, maryland. you wanted this match and now you have it. o'malley and ehrlich the sequel. how will it end? you wanted it and you got it. kratovil against harris another rematch. how will it end and slots or no slots at arundel mills mall. it's debated for months and now we are going to the polls. how is this going to end? it's up to you. this is mid term election day and a good morning, maryland, welcome in. we are 59 minutes away from a poll opening. we want to go to the facebook fan page. i opened it up on my facebook fab page to -- fan page to find out what you are doing. chuck is planning and dressed and ready to go out and vote on the eastern shore here today. kelly who lives out in carroll county is reminding all voters if you are going to carroll county


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